Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thorne: Rose's Dark Awakening.

Thorne: Rose's Dark Awakening is now here! Listen to this audio teaser and then CLICK FOR PREORDER

In the small hours

we are unadorned 

our psyche 


in death 

no more veiled intuition

we know who we truly are
~Sebastian Nox

At last, the highly-anticipated conclusion to William and
Rose’s story is here!

When William Thorne meets the unassuming but beautiful Rose
(Victoria) Wellington, he begins to unmask the true man he has buried for years
under hired personal assistants and obsessive work behavior fighting the
tobacco industry. But after another tragedy shakes him, all his demons resurface,
awakened with ferocity. This time, he will leave Rose behind to protect her, and
he will embrace the William that has kept him stable all these years.

With a confession about to go public in seeking atonement
for his past deeds, deeds that very likely will land him in prison, William
marvels at his Rose’s growth personally but saddens as she moves on in her love
life and her career without him. He, too, tries to move on by hiring a beautiful,
submissive personal assistant to fulfill all his salacious needs. Each time he
sees Rose, his fight to stay away from the beauty becomes unbearable, but his
impending future leaves little to change it.

The Thorne Series is a sensually erotic and deeply emotional
story with twists that will make you go back to read from the very first page of
the series all over again.

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